Mandy Agnew
Essential Healing

Mandy Agnew

Have you been questioning why the same emotional or physical symptoms keep repeating in your life?why you?!  Well perhaps its time to look at them from a new perspective. What is this body-mind connection that everyone is talking about?

Essential Healing works with the idea that all of our life’s experiences reside in our body, and that these effect how we are physically, emotionally and spiritually in the present moment. We use the modern day framework of the Forensic Healing System to find and release the underlying causes to the emotional suffering that you are experiencing.        


Shannon Brown
Transpersonal Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Shannon Brown

Transpersonal Counselling is a holistic, client-centered approach that uses a vast array of techniques to help individuals contact their deep inner wisdom and new personal resources. While other psychological approaches focus on the mind as a tool for change, the Transpersonal spans across mind, body and spirit to move towards a deep sense of personal wholeness and expanded possibilities.

I offer a deep honouring of your journey. Through this honouring, profound healing can unfold, opening the possibility for you to flourish

Dr. Ginelle Cardoz
Clinical Psychologist

Ginelle Cardoz

Ginelle is a Clinical Psychologist, specialising in the treatment of adult anxiety & depression and its various presentations, interpersonal difficulties, personality disorders, parenting issues, stage of life issues, working with adolescents, stress, family law court and child protective services parenting assessments.

Dr Miranda Cox

Miranda Cox

Miranda is a dedicated, enthusiastic osteopath who has extensive paediatric experience. She graduated RMIT in 1996, has worked interstate and overseas focusing on paediatric and maternal care. Miranda is trained in the ‘cranial field’ of biodynamic treatment, a gentle form of osteopathy.

Dial a Doula
Doula Training

dial a doula

Being a Doula is a calling rather than a job, as a Doula you are in a unique position to dwell in the mystery and miracle of birth and support other people in that miracle. Life, love, courage, fear, trust and self-discovery and transformation are all inherent in the birth process.

Natalie Ferrier
B.Sc, Dip.Prof.Couns.

Natalie Ferrier

Natalie is a fully qualified Counsellor and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner with a degree in the Biological Sciences. She offers Intuitive Energy Work, Counselling and Reiki sessions for womens and mens wellbeing and also specialises in sexual and reproductive health. Natalie is also the facilitator of the Women’s Healing Circle and Healing Sexuality Circle support groups at Camberwell Health and Healing.

Phone:   0427 449 005

Nisha Gill
Tigress Yoga

Nisha Gill

Move your way into the whole body prayer of Tigress Yoga. Suited to any female body, any age, level of flexibility or yoga experience, this beautiful alchemical practice will take you deeper into accessing the vital treasures of your exquisite female body.

Nisha Gill
Phone 0402 039 341

Practical Wisdom


Healing is simple. We have an instinct for it. The trick is to stop getting in its way. I guide people to listen to their own inner wisdom; to place their attention on their physical body sensations, to notice their emotional responsiveness and to become aware of their varied thought processes.

Phone: 0400 710 734

Craig Jamieson
One Red Tree NLP

Craig Jamieson

Craig is Head Coach and Founder of One Red Tree, a business he started to work with people stuck in limiting states and who may not be experiencing life in the free, easy and joyous ways that they would truly like.

Phone: 0413 132 045

Robyn Jordan

Robyn Jordan

You connect the threads and awaken to your true potential. Each session is yours unique and truly special. I offer: Past Life Regression,Breathwork, Visionary Intuitive Healing and Person Centred Counselling.

Phone: 0434 353 750

Nicole Hendriks

Illuminate Within

Nicole Hendricks

Nicole Hendriks is a certified Reiki and Seichim practitioner, a Magnified Healing practitioner and a Registered Nurse. She has a passionate interest in helping others heal, evolve and transform their lives into wellness and to illuminate their spiritual ascension pathway.

After several years of training, Nicole obtained her certification as a Master of Reiki, Seichim and Magnified Healing in 2009 and has been practising in the community as a healer and teacher for several years. It is her desire for you to achieve your highest potential and looks forward to helping you illuminate within!

Phone: 0427 742 790



Alessandra Izzo

Ally Izzo

Ally believes in a balance between the intuitive and the rationalist scientific approach, and understands the need for integrating both within the healing process. She has been assisting people with their health and offering sound, practical and effective advice to her clients for many years in a results oriented manner.

Phone: 0417 355 939

Melbourne Meditation

Melbourne Meditation Centre

Our focus is on teaching meditation as a simple, practical skill. Rather than concentrating on one technique well teach you the key principles which apply to all meditations. This allows you to integrate meditation naturally into your daily life wherever and whenever you are so that you can use it when you most need it.


Melbourne Meditation Centre
03 9016 9449
0410 562 843

Restore Naturally
Sarah Najjar

Sarah Najjar

Sarah is fully qualified in Remedial Massage, Shiatsu and Reiki. She has been practising Reiki since 2002 and massage since 2008. Sarah is an independent Reiki teacher and teaches Cert IV and Remedial Massage at V.F.A., Essendon.

Sarah is an active member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists and the Australian Reiki Connection. Health rebates are available.

Depending on your needs she offers individual Massage, Shiatsu and Reiki treatments as well combination treatments. She loves seeing the positive effects that treatments have on people.


Phone: 0416 620 877

Rob Nash
Remedial Massage Therapist

Rob Nash

Rob aims to provide his patients with highly effective treatment to enhance their health and well being. By educating his patients, he gives them a greater understanding of their condition and provides self management advice such as stretching, strengthening and self care programs.


Phone: 0452 232 524


Mary Rose Nicol
Jungian Oriented Counsellor

Mary Rose Nicol

Deep listening to the symbolic language of psyche nourishes body, mind and soul, and invites new possibilities to unfold. Creative modalities such as Sandplay Therapy and Authentic Movement assist this reflective, healing process.


Phone: 0408 509 964


Bonnie Russel
resonate yoga

Bonnie Russell

Resonate Yoga as a style of yoga pulls knowledge and experience from all other styles of yoga. We look at posture and alignment, working from the inside out so that you find a way of standing and moving that works for your individual physical body not the kind of posture and alignment that is copied from a picture or an external source.


Phone: 0404 064 589

Hamid Reza Sotounzadeh

If you suffer from any musculoskeletal injury or simply want to improve your fitness level and Core Stability, Hamid is available to provide his expertise and start you on a functional rehabilitation programme towards recovery and preventing injury reoccurrence.


Phone: 0407 118 477

Anna Urbanski
Opening to Life

Anna Urbanski

Being open to whatever is happening now, enables all the information, power and healing to become available now and allows for a freer and more fulfilling life.

Modilities offered to support your opening include: bodywork, breathwork, counselling, birth hypnosis.


Phone: 0408 954 120


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