Birth Hypnosis Training

This training is a specially designed step-by-step process for birth attendants to teach women, enabling them to achieve deep relaxation during pregnancy, labour and birth. Anna Urbanski

Birth Preparation Classes

These Birth Preparation Classes are for people who are wanting to explore the process of birth and the transformational journey it is taking them on.

The classes covered all aspects, medical and spiritual, of giving birth, but the real focus was on the journey of empowerment that pregnancy and birth can be to a woman.

Anna Urbanski

Bodywork Retreat

Bodywork is a process designed to release deeply held unconscious memories from the body so that we can invite an increased flow of energy, greater capacity for movement, improved feeling of well-being and the ability to perform physically and mentally at a higher level. Gyanamala
Anna Urbanski

Bodywork Evenings

Space will be held by Gyanamala for practice and support sessions to activate the healing instinct. The First Friday of every month from 7pm $40 concessions available. This is an opportunity to deepen your own practice or to receive an experiential introduction for yourself or a friend. Gyanamala
Anna Urbanski

Calm Birth Classes

The calmbirth® philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events and that birth is a natural process. Sue Power & Gill Merzvinskis

Doula Training

Being a Doula is a calling rather than a job, as a Doula you are in a unique position to dwell in the mystery and miracle of birth and support other people in that miracle. Life, love, courage, fear, trust and self-discovery and transformation are all inherent in the birth process. Dial a Doula

Healing Sexuality Circle

A monthly journey in which Men and Women can discuss those seldom talked about elements of sexuality and healing sexual and reproductive illness. Natalie Ferrier
AH: 0427 449 005

Holistic Tutoring

Holistic tutoring is a program for students, aged 8 and above, who struggle at school, students who try hard but always scrape along academically and are unhappy. The holistic tutoring program uses a mix of tutoring, exercises, counselling, hypnotherapy and ego state therapy. Tim Falkner

Kinesiology Workshops

This K Power workshop is one of the most comprehensive Kinesiology short courses you will find on the market that teaches you in just 2 days how to balance:
Muscles, Energy, Goals, Nutrition and Emotions!
Toosje Kent Frost     0417 404 385
Amanda Adey    0407 516 921

Information Evening:
Introduction to Tantric Sexuality

This evening is for those curious about Tantra, and for people wanting to deepen into their sexual and spiritual lives. Stephanie Phillips

Melbourne Meditation Centre Basic Meditation

The basic course is suitable for beginners as well as meditators who wish to gain a clearer understanding of how meditation works.

During the course you learn various meditation techniques which can be used during the day to keep you in balance. Youll also learn meditations which encourage you to relax deeply.

You work with the meditations that appeal to you and they can all be easily tailored to meet your own needs.

Matthew Young
Melbourne Meditation Centre
03 9016 9449
0410 562 843

Maori Healing Workshop

We invite you to experience and enjoy an authentic Maori massage and healing to restore wellbeing and vitality for body, mind and soul. Wikitoria

One Day Healing Circles for Men and Women

When people sit in circle a particular magic happens where each person’s presence forms a part of the container of love, trust and truthfulness within which each one is held. Gyanamala

Spiritual Physics

Gives you the power to choose what comes into your life, rather than just handling it. Alistair Larmour

The Template

The activation of the sustained reconnection of 33 circuits of Human bio-circuitry via a resonant response to the synergy of the geometric and sonic codes of creation. Karlos Kukulcan

Tigress Yoga

Move your way into the whole body prayer of Tigress Yoga. Suited to any female body, any age, level of flexibility or yoga experience, this beautiful alchemical practice will take you deeper into accessing the vital treasures of your exquisite female body. Nisha Gill

VBac Support Group

Monthly gatherings for women who are wanting support, information and nurturing on their journey to achieving a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC). An opportunity to connect with other women planning a VBAC and for woman who are on the other side and want to share their experience and stories of their birth. Bree Downes

Womens Healing Circles

This is an open space for women to come for a drink at the well of being. Its an evening of meditation and sharing of self. Natalie Ferrier


Come along and learn how to enhance your posture through Yoga and other
simple exercises. Youll even learn how to walk properly! Or enjoy gentle relaxing stretches, guided relaxation and meditation and tips to take away.
Bonnie Russell Resonate Yoga

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