Vegans As Successful Business People

Vegans are people that choose certain diet and living guidelines for many reasons. This choice can be health related, belief in the treatment and use of animals, or both. A vegan will not consume anything that derives from an animal whether it is the flesh, milk, or eggs. Many successful people with an executive career have chosen this lifestyle. Let’s look at a few to show the variety of people that changed their way of life.
Probably the most well known vegan is President Bill Clinton. Having grown up with the typical Southern lifestyle, becoming a vegan was a major change. His health is his primary reason for the.
 switch. A quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 followed by an emergency heart surgery to insert stints in 2010 convinced him that he needed to do something if he wanted to see his future grandchildren.  By consulting his physician and doing his own research, President Clinton found that he could still enjoy a vast array of dishes, lose weight, and keep his heart healthy as a vegan.
When Biz Stone and his wife visited the New York shelter of The Farm Sanctuary in 2000, they were horrified by the cruelty imposed upon the animals that provide consumables for the public. This opened their eyes to living as vegans. Stone is the co-founder of Twitter, a successful author, and  businessman. Here is an example of someone that made the choice based on the belief that it is wrong to consume products at the expense of the well being of another living creature.
The teachings of yoga and its philosophy helped convince Russell Simmons that vegan-ism was the best way to live. After co-founding  Def Jam Records and developing his company, Rush Communications, the calmness and physical results of yoga helped balance his life. The teachings by his yoga instructor made him aware of what he was putting in his body and how it was affecting his body and health. He shared his story with fellow vegan, Ellen DeGeneres, on her television show.
Executive careers have become the norm for women worldwide. Lisa Bloom is a legal analyst for NBC, founder of a general practice firm, public speaker, and author.  She had been a lifetime vegetarian and is now a vegan. Her devotion to animal rescue and wanting a healthy lifestyle encouraged this change.
Many successful people that are in the public eye have been or become vegans and this helps to educate people about the beliefs and ways of living that are part of the vegan world. For more interesting executive stories, check out the EPR website.

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